Become a Microloc Specialist

Industry Regulations & Prerequisites


We teach all three methods of microlocs and give you comprehensive course training on technique, client best practice, industry trends, business tips and more to prepare you to be able to begin accepting clients right out of training and as soon as you are ready to get to work!


  • You MUST have basic skills in braiding and creating two strand twists.

  • You must have some general knowledge of hair designing (e.g, parting, styling according to face shape and size of head, etc.)

  • You must have some general knowledge about natural hair textures and types.

What will I learn?

  • How to do a full and comprehensive consultation with potential clients.

  • Sisterlocks™ versus Microlocs (a comprehensive comparison)

  • Grid sizing and parting (tips to perfect the different types of parting)

  • The three basic methods of creating/installing microlocs.

  • Microloc maintenance and retightening

  • The maturation stages of microlocs

  • Client’s at-home care

  • Setting up and protecting your intellectual property and new business AND MORE…

Our goal as your microloc course training facilitator is to make sure you are fully prepared and equipped to start to take clients within your first month of learning and practicing your new skill.  Practice makes progress so PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! until you are fully confident and ready to take your first paid client.

      * Required. Sample student kit pictured. PURCHASE ITEMS HERE.

      PLEASE NOTE: Not including a microloc training student kit helps us to keep your tuition reasonably and competitively priced for expert learning.  Classes provided are not ideal for complete novices and cater to professionals or individuals with a level of skill seeking continuing education. 

      The recommended items listed above is to build on an arsenal of common tools you may already have and WILL NEED FOR YOUR CLASS. 

      Some items may be available for in class use and practice for in-person classes, please inquire before class starts.

      Why Microloc Academy &

      What’s Next?

      Microloc Academy is one of the most in-depth CERTIFIED microloc course intensive training in the nation.  Our instructors have at least a decade of expertise in the industry and teach from a place of total transparency, integrity and passion!  All of our educators are either salon owners, full time master stylists or retired experts in the industry who are required to continue learning and growing; testing and proving methods that are innovative and transformative in the industry.

      Rest assured that you are receiving an Ivy League-like education from the best of the best.  With your training you can work at any salon in the world and create your very own microloc-specialty business.  The opportunities are endless and we are here to support and help you flourish!  Read below what’s next for you after becoming a Microloc Academy Certified Microloc Specialist with our intensive microlocs class training.

      CONGRATULATIONS You Are Certified!

      • Lifetime AMP™ membership invitation for continuous growth!
      • Eligible to become a microloc certification training educator with proven mastery.

      • Eligible for ongoing client referral with proven proficiency.

      • Join any future class for one full day as a recap contingent on availability and class size.

      • Virtual mentoring sessions if needed for success and growth.

      • Added to AMP Directory and global network searchable by clients.

      • Job Matching Opportunity or internship contingent on location and availability. 

      I honestly thought that I would need to wait and show more of my work before someone would be interested in letting me do their microlocs.  This is a dream come true.  I was able to begin working with clients only a few weeks after the class.  You learn so much in class and the alumni group, you will be confident and ready to grab your first paying client in a short time.  I'm so excited for my client and myself!

      Andrea A.

      Deland, FL

      Thank you! Every dollar spent learning from you was worth it. Plus I made my money back the same month I got certified! Life changing experience!!

      Zainab T.

      Brooklyn, NY

      I learned so much with the courses I took with Microloc Academy! I am so so happy I took the course before starting Barber School. Here is why: When we were doing the diseases of the scalp, the hair principles and the hair design principle, it was easier for me, and it put me in a better position than the rest of my class. Thanks to Ms Riri who really helped me retain even more with her great teaching.  I got 100 on my test in Barber School because I learned it with Microloc Academy first.

      Microloc Academy is THE BEST!!!

      Manue S. - Textured Microlocs

      Pittsburgh, PA



      The reviews you've read are actual feedback and stories from our past students and although the ratings above are not based on actual research (just from what we know is out there in those microlocs streets), we are almost certain our program prepares you far better than most programs offering Microloc classes today. 

      This is still a small but powerful industry and we are proud of the work our past students and in-network specialists have done and are doing! No scammers here for sure, only bonafide well trained Certified Microloc Professionals!

      So what are you waiting for?  Let's get to the business of Microlocs-together! Go Register!!



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