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What are Microlocs?

Microlocs are small locs intricately created on a grid-like parted pattern to create symmetry and balance.  They can be started and cultivated from the following techniques; micro twists, micro braids, micro interlocs, micro comb coils and with the use of extensions.

Each method if installed and maintained properly by a trained Certified Microloc Specialist will mature into beautiful, uniformed healthy small locs.  Microlocs are a smaller version to the more popular larger locs many are accustomed to calling “dreadlocks”. We loathe the term “dreadlocks” since there is nothing dreadful about the beauty of hair in its locked form.

Various forms of microlocs are also an alternative to the pioneer method, Sisterlocks. Since there are more than one ways to create microlocs, they are growing in popularity and our instructors have mastered and teach the most popular methods of properly and healthily creating microlocs.

Women are enjoying the ability and convenience to choose other options to create their desired look with this beautiful hair transitioning method.

The art of microlocs is an intricate skill that requires mastery and technique. It is versatile, low maintenance and has become a favorite for naturalistas across the globe!

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We teach the Art & Business of creating microlocs and have an expanding global network of Certified Microloc Specialists that can provide the service.  Receive expert Certified Microloc course training and get started TODAY!

Certified Microloc Student

What will I learn?

  • How to do a full and comprehensive consultation with potential clients.

  • Sisterlocks™ versus Microlocs (a comprehensive comparison)

  • Grid sizing and parting (tips to perfect the different types of parting)

  • The three basic methods of creating/installing microlocs.

  • Microloc maintenance and retightening

  • The maturation stages of microlocs

  • Client’s at-home care

  • Setting up and protecting your intellectual property and new business
  • An introduction to the three methods of microloc extensions

  • Our goal as your instructor is to make sure you are fully prepared and equipped to start to take clients within your first month of learning and practicing your new skill.  Practice makes progress so PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! until you are fully confident and ready to take your first paid client.

Meet Your Instructors


Founder & Executive Microloc Training Instructor

 Expert Level: Multi-Disciplined

Interesting Fun Fact: “I sang a STRONG Alto in the church choir and college gospel choir. Met my husband in the choir!”

Neo is a 20yr plus natural hair veteran with hands on expertise with microlocs and the interlocking technique. She has performed hundreds of natural hair and microloc consultations in the span of her career.

Neo is a multi-disciplined master stylist, former salon owner, trusted natural hair and microloc consultant, mentor and educator.

Her ultimate goal for the “Academy” and its affiliations is to create a global environment of transparency, support and advocacy for all students, professionals and clients to flourish.




AMP-Certified Microloc Training Educator

 Expert Level: Multi-Licensed

Fun Family Fact: “My little sister is half Caucasian and lives in the Netherlands. I LOVE to travel and have visited 9 countries so far.”

Asha is a Trinidad and Tobago native.  As a 15yr+ veteran cosmetologist, she has spent over ten of those years mastering the art of natural hair and small locs with certifications in both Sisterlocks and Microlocs.

She enjoys styling and coloring hair in her quaint, modernized natural hair salon; Kingdom Creations, on the island of Tobago.

With her mentoring and leadership, she and her trained stylists cater to an expansive clientele of women with Microlocs, SisterlocksTM, Traditional Locs and Loc Extensions. The salon also provides all types of natural hair care services.




    Expert Level: Multi-Certified

You would never guess that: “I have been to over 40 concerts across different genres of music.

Brittani, an Air Force Veteran based in Tampa, Florida, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brandman University. As a Certified Microloc Specialist, Mentor, and Educator, she demonstrates unwavering dedication to her craft.

With extensive expertise in cultivating microlocs and microloc extensions, Brittani has earned multiple certifications in this field. Her commitment to establishing meaningful connections with clients and guiding them through their loc journey is evident in her work.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Brittani enjoys spending quality time with her family and exploring her passion for travel.



I generally prefer in-person training but this virtual class was legit. Neo was super informative & thorough. I appreciate being able to learn a new skill in this industry & being included in AMP.

-Tiana D.

Good Trouble Hair - College Park, GA

I throughly enjoyed the classes, stayed engaged and learned beyond what I expected. I’ve been braiding natural hair my entire life but there is another side to this profession including specific sanitation requirements and scalp diseases. After learning, my knowledge was tested and re-tested! I feel ready to take my first client as early as tomorrow. If you are on the fence, just do it. You will definitely learn something new and enjoy your time in the process!

-Carina D. - Richmond, VA

I had a wonderful experience, although it was just 3 days i know i still have an opportunity to be apart of the Team and to access and gain more knowledge as i go along.

I’m inspired by what you have put together and what you are doing.  I would say it gave me much pleasure to be apart of this global experience!

-Mackeida Fraser

LAM Beauty Studio - Trinidad & Tobago

Neo was my instructor and was phenomenal. This was one of the most engaging classes I’ve taken. I learned a lot and was able to immediately practice my skills.
I truly enjoyed the class and would recommend to anyone looking to develop professional and practical skills creating microlocs!!
Joy H.

Ashburn, Virgnia-USA

Thank you so much for the course. I learned so much which will definitely help me when I start off my business.

I am working on perfecting the interlocking method. You are a great teacher! You were professional and I have to say your sense of humor was a real joy. Riri did awesome too. Thank you again!

Nancy W.

San Tan Valley, Arizona-USA

Thank you so much.

Its been awesome training with you and I’m elated to be apart of your organization.

-Kameshia H.

Kammie Locs - Retie/Repair Specialist Palm Beach, FL

The class was Amazing a lot of great information. Everything was explained clearly and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I thank you and Asha Toby for a wonderful experience❣️ I’m looking forward to what’s next to come for me in my future of Microlocs‼️ Neo, thank you again for accepting me as one of your students and team member.

-Nate' T.

Locs By Tae - Waldorf, MD

I’ve had my cosmetology license since 2006 but babyyyy this class was harder than passing state board!!! This was more than just learning from YouTube, TikTok and Facebook. 

Microloc Academy (the team) definitely has the passion for the industry and they prepare students with the PROPER KNOWLEDGE to succeed!! They don’t just leave us afterwards, we are a team and it shows!!

-Brandy O.

Naturally Loc’d - Dunn, North Carolina

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my tuition refundable if I change my mind about the class?

Any item purchased in the “student kit” is 100% non-refundable. Your full tuition (minus the non-refundable deposit) is refundable 15 days or more prior to the start date of the class you registered for. 50% of your tuition is refundable between 8-14 days prior and your tuition is totally non-refundable 0-7 days before the start of class. If your tuition is refunded in full for any reason whatsoever, you are not eligible to take any classes within the same calendar year. You must wait until the following year to register for a class. The refund does not include merchant fees.  Please read our full refund & cancellation policy here.

Can I reschedule for another class if I'm unable to attend the one I registered for?

Absolutely. We understand that any number of things can happen and you may not be able to start your class. You may reschedule for another class if space allows.

Please read our full refund and cancellation policy here to see if you are eligible to reschedule your class.

Why do students have to purchase their own student kits?

We give our students the option to purchase the tools they need as some students may already have tools in their possession that may be included in the recommended kit. This option saves you time and money and guarantees you get your kit in time for class!

Not including a student kit gives you the freedom to choose whatever you need as you build your professional kit. It also helps to keep the cost of our classes low and competitive with similar microloc classes and programs. 

How long is the class?

The full curriculum is a total of 16hrs of learning.  Virtual or in-person class duration may vary. For a 1-on-1 class, you may discuss scheduling arrangements with your educator for days and times which may be feasible. Track classes are 2-3 hours of learning per class, there are 8 track classes.  If seeking a certificate, you would need to complete all tracks.  Added time per day–up to an additional hour–will be considered contingent on internet connection stability for virtual students.  If there are any major connectivity disruptions, the hours for the class per day may be extended.

What if I have connectivity issues on the day of my virtual class?

If there are any connectivity disruptions, the hours for the class per day may be extended.  An extra day may be requested or added if there are major connectivity issues or acts of God.  In extreme cases of disruptions the class will be rescheduled.

Who are my instructors?

Your instructors are seasoned career stylists, salon owners and industry pioneers who have worked in the natural hair industry since 1998.  Their combined set of skills is sought far and wide in the US and internationally.

Do I need to be a licensed stylist to take the class?

No, anyone can learn microlocs or you can learn to do your own microlocs! You may need to have some level of skill for the certified basic and advance classes; this class is not ideal for complete novices.  Check state laws for additional licensing requirements prior to taking our certified class if you plan to work inside of a salon or travel to another state for work.  Currently, 32 out of 50 states in the US are currently deregulated for professional natural hair services and do not require additional licensing.  Our certified program gives you all the legitimacy you need to confidently service microloc clients as a Certified Microloc Specialist.  By joining the Alliance for Microloc Professionals (AMP) post certification, you’d have all the support you’d need to thrive as you grow in your new profession.

Email [email protected] for more info.

How do I get priority listing in the directory?

All past students will be added to the general directory upon completion of the program and will be searchable by clients on the “Find A Pro” tab on the main menu.  

A comprehensive directory listing is available for all past students with full membership benefits if you accept the invitation to join the Alliance for Microloc Professionals (AMP).  This program is 100% endorsed by AMP.

What is the Alliance for Microloc Professionals?

AMP is a regulatory membership-based organization created by the founder of Microloc Academy to ensure an ongoing transparent and supportive global network for past students of the academy and other professionals.

The organization runs parallel to the academy and is one of the most prestigious of its kind currently in the industry–enforcing best practices throughout its global network and encouraging high accountability with its members.

I honestly thought that I would need to wait and show more of my work before someone would be interested in letting me do their microlocs.  This is a dream come true.  I was able to begin working with clients only a few weeks after the class.  You learn so much in class and the alumni group, you will be confident and ready to grab your first paying client in a short time.  I'm so excited for my client and myself!

Andrea A.

Deland, FL

Thank you! Every dollar spent learning from you was worth it. Plus I made my money back the same month I got certified! Life changing experience!!

Zainab T.

Brooklyn, NY

I learned so much with the courses I took with Microloc Academy! I am so so happy I took the course before starting Barber School. Here is why: When we were doing the diseases of the scalp, the hair principles and the hair design principle, it was easier for me, and it put me in a better position than the rest of my class. Thanks to Ms Riri who really helped me retain even more with her great teaching.  I got 100 on my test in Barber School because I learned it with Microloc Academy first.

Microloc Academy is THE BEST!!!

Manue S. - Textured Microlocs

Pittsburgh, PA



The reviews you've read are actual feedback and stories from our past students and although the ratings above are not based on actual research (just from what we know is out there in those microlocs streets), we are almost certain our program prepares you far better than most programs offering Microloc classes today. 

This is still a small but powerful industry and we are proud of the work our past students and in-network specialists have done and are doing! No scammers here for sure, only bonafide well trained Certified Microloc Professionals!

So what are you waiting for?  Let's get to the business of Microlocs-together! Go Register!!



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